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Chung Dha

Chung Dha is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Chung Dha Lam started working as a photographer and videographer since 2009 and worked 5 years in Hong Kong in the entertainment industry making films, documenting red carpet events and winning several short film awards and poster awards.

We mainly focus on the lighting on most of our shoots, making each shot to look professional. Even a simple product shoot we will bring the perfect gear to capture the shot we want. As we got a mobile studio set to shoot at your company, at home or at any locations.

However at events we can work silently with using our modern system camera the Sony A7s and not be noticed that we are even there, to capture the right moment even in the darkest conditions, it can capture the moment without using a flash.

If you have a concept or a vision, we can make it a reality. We have all the equipment and skills to do so.

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