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Sal Marston is an experienced and qualified British photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, specialised in Architecture & Interior Photography.

After studying Contemporary Photographic Practice at Northumbria University, UK, she graduated in 2007 with a 1st Class BA Honours degree. She has since gained a wide range of photographic experience, including documentary work in South East Asia, adventure-sports photography in France and high-end wedding photography in the UK. Since 2009, she has focussed on Architectural, Interior and Commercial Real Estate Photography. After a move to Amsterdam in 2010, Sal has worked throughout Europe photographing hundreds of properties, from tiny studio apartments to some of the world's most renowned hotels.
Working with clients such as interior designers, international travel websites, real estate developers and property owners, Sal is able to create images with the most impact, from both the client's and the consumer's standpoint.
Her work has been published internationally in editorials such as De Standaard (BE), Luxury B&B Magazine (UK), Yoga Magazine (NL) and Nisha Magazine (IL).
Photography is Sal’s greatest passion in life. Combined with a personal approach and reliable business acumen, she creates stunning imagery and provides a professional experience for her clients.


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Sal Marston Photography

Generaal Cronjestraat 19A 2021 JB Haarlem